ThinkPrime Embark on a New Trade Enterprise Trip to Asia in 2023

Digital forward-thinking logistics company ThinkPrime are embarking on a new Trade Enterprise Trip to Asia to strengthen connections and help clients build stronger links in the area.

In a post-Brexit and post-pandemic landscape, new and growing markets have been brought to the fore by our clients. Due to its rapid economic and population growth and manufacturing abilities, Asia has become an increasingly appealing market for our UK-based clients.

In Feb 2023 ThinkPrime will be launching a Trade Enterprise Trip to Asia to meet with clients and their suppliers. Connecting with new and established clients the global supply chain logistics company will be leveraging new connections, creating partnering opportunities, and boosting international links and routes.

ThinkPrime has had a presence in Asia for almost a decade now with an extensive network of partners to deliver clients agile and adaptable logistics solutions with offices in Laem Chabang. This presence has only grown as we established a secondary base in Bangkok in 2022. Our connections in the area have also led to a close relationship with the Bangkok British Embassy allowing us to take meetings there as well as at our offices.

The trip will commence with ThinkPrime’s presence at the WCA Worldwide Conference 2023 in Singapore which will occur from 18–22 February 2023. We will then be using our offices in Laem Chabang and Bangkok as our base of operations as we meet with clients, partners and more.

Interested in a face to face meeting while we’re in the area? Feel free to contact us for a meeting at the British Embassy, our headquarters or your office.

Need to solve a challenge in your supply chain that only an in-person visit can fix? ThinkPrime is able to act as your eyes and ears in the region to come to a solution. Meet with us before we leave and we can facilitate your needs

The ThinkPrime Trade Enterprise Trip Itinerary:

17th – 22nd February 2023: Singapore
24th – 26th February 2023: Lam Chabang
26th February -1st March 2023: Bangkok

To set up a meeting or call please contact:

E T +44 (0) 01670 336888