We Deliver
Smarter Global Logistics

We set out to create a new way to do things. Because if you need to ship something complicated, it doesn’t mean you need a complicated provider to do it.
At ThinkPrime, our clients are at the centre of everything we do. Using our extensive expertise and experience, we develop creative solutions to every logistics challenge.

Focusing on the importance of knowledge and collaborative networks, we bring trust and efficiency to every aspect of your supply chain.

Smart, Tailored Routes

We don’t believe in one size fits all. Whether you need to prioritise speed, budget or sustainability, our flexible, intelligent routes mean we can match your deadline whilst remaining responsive to your needs.

Centralised, Digitised Paperwork

We’ve eliminated the back and forth filled with easily misplaced bits of paper. Streamline your logistics, increase your efficiency and free up your time with digital forms and automated reporting.

Easy to Use Online Portal

Tired of trying to track down your shipment and having to look in multiple places? Our fully connected online portal gives you stress-free full visualisation of your supply chain whenever and wherever you need.

Instant Quotes

On-demand, simple and all-inclusive pricing to help your supply chain move faster and easier. Our transparent, real-time rates mean that in just a few clicks you can make your booking immediately.

Carrier Neutral

We’re connected to over 200 direct airline accounts, with ties to all the major shipping lines so we can provide you with best fit rates. Our independence means we can bring agility to your freight routes, adjusting to any logistics challenge.

Real Time Communication

However you need to get in touch with us, be it phone, Facebook messenger, Whatsapp or email, you can contact us your way. Our friendly and professional in house experts are happy to provide precisely what you need.

Flexible, Bespoke Service

However you want to keep track of your freight, whether you like to watch it’s progress every step of the way, just check in when you need to or only know its estimated arrival. Our team and system work the way you want.

Track and Locate

Take charge of your supply chain with real-time shipment status and location visibility. Follow the progress of your shipment with our cutting edge geolocation technology with clear ETAs.

Reach Us
Your Way

Whether by phone, Facebook messenger, Whatsapp, email, or carrier pigeon we work tirelessly to suit you and keep you up to date. With real time communication and up to the minute tracking, we provide precisely what you need, when you need it. 


Combining first hand experience, innovative technology and professional partnerships, we provide the most cost-effective, agile logistics available, with the best personalised communication and service you’ll find anywhere.

Let’s get started!