As a global logistics company we want to make a positive impact in many different ways. Not all of what we do is solely focused on logistics.

We have launched ThinkPositive to show where we have branched out to new areas to support community and provide help where we can.


This year, our charity is going to be for raising mentalhealth awareness. We have partnered with PHS Greenleaf who have designed the wonderful rainbow tree which encourages us all to spare a thought for the contributions of key workers.

Every tree rented donates money towards mental health charities. We want to support this cause and do our best to raise awareness too.


With the outbreak of Corona Virus (Covid-19) around the globe, we want to spare a thought for all those affected, as well as the brave men and women in the public services during this uncertain time.

We are remote ready and working with our global partners to overcome logistics challenges to enable your supply chains. Innovation shines throughout our tech forward approach and our global reach positions us perfectly to keep up continuous communication.


This year, we wanted to think smarter about our Christmas budget. We wanted to place it where we could bring the most positive impact.

Like many others, we usually give gifts to our clients. We decided it would be better placed with those in need this year. It’s not much but we wanted to kickstart our new campaign to raise awareness and funding for the charities who work all year round to help end the crisis. Please take a moment to watch our video on what we decided to do.


Crisis are who we are asking you to support as they are the nation’s homeless charity. They put incredible amounts of work in to helping those who are in need as quickly as possible.

These guys need the support from all of us to keep up their amazing work so please help by donating what you can.